PCG's mission is to be the market leader in delivering outstanding financial and operational results for education, health, social care and other sectors.

PCG Advisory Services

PCG Advisory Services provides consulting to organisations in health, education and social care, enhancing their capacity to get things done. We are located in London and Wigan and have worked with over 30 clients in the UK.

PCG Care Solutions

PCG Care Solutions has been delivering award-winning web-based solutions across health and social care since 2008, helping organisations meet the challenges of Personalisation, the Care Act, Children and Families Act and NHS Direct Payments Regulations.

PCG Heathcare Financial Solutions

PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions provides software solutions and expert assistance together with Qlikview licensing and consultancy to healthcare organisations to meet the requirements of Monitorís National Tariff System and proposals.

PCG System Solutions

PCG System Solutions provides the very best in Digital Transformation and Public Sector IT services. Our team have been delivering technology solutions and consultancy across central and local government since 2003.




Care Solutions and System Solutions are joining forces to become Technology Solutions

Our Care Solutions and System Solutions teams have brought you some of the finest web-based services on the market. Thats why we're merging the two into a new service line called Technology Solutions. Visit our site again soon to see our new website!

About Public Consulting Group (PCG)

PCG provides industry-leading management consulting and web-based solutions to help public, private and voluntary organisations achieve their performance goals and deliver better outcomes for people. We combine our resources and expertise from these areas to offer a multidisciplinary approach to solving client challenges. PCG has a rapidly growing presence in the UK and Europe. Originally established in 1986, PCG's headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts and has extensive experience in all 50 states of America and clients in six Canadian provinces.

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